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James Good
Jul 28, 2022
In Beauty Forum
From the beginning of the career to the gradual growth, everyone will experience a change in the roles of workplace novice, workplace elite and workplace manager. During this period, they will not only discover their own growth, but also see some colleagues around them, know or not know, have or Without affiliation, there will inevitably be some insights. They may be their former self, or they may not be as good as their former self. As a slightly older person, I hope this article can bring some insights to you who are new to the workplace or who are no longer a newcomer. If you have been in the workplace Latest Mailing Database for many years, you can think about whether the following aspects have affected your advancement. Whether it is your own growth or getting along with colleagues, the following situations will affect your development: 1. Don't talk about things, don't get angry I remember seeing an unreasonable person thinking logic a long time ago, which probably means that you tell him A, he tells you B, and then B makes you feel that you cannot refute, but after all, it is not the problem of A. This kind of person Whether it is work or life, it is difficult to communicate and get along. The evolution that extends to work is often like this. For example, character A made a mistake. When communicating with him, his superiors or other colleagues did not recognize his own problems. It's not enough" attitude. In fact, this is not something you have to do. It might be better for someone else to do it. However, when Character A does not do it well, he doesn't accept communication, doesn't talk about the matter, and is blindly arrogant. Another phenomenon in this type of situation is that when one is at fault, one fails to reflect deeply, and is blindly impulsive. On the one hand, they narrate their hard work, on the other hand, they blame the other party for being too strict. In short, they do not face up to their own problems. Might as well just walk away. We all know that changing jobs does not solve the problem. If the same crux is not solved in the first company, then the next company will still appear. So the reason for the above situation is too high self-esteem, and no one can tolerate it. Even normal communication. In fact, in the workplace, the more pits you have stepped on, the more experience you can accumulate. No one is born to do one thing. It is normal to make mistakes. After you make mistakes, you can learn a lesson and not make mistakes next time. , after so many years, you may still be doing a very basic job, and you may not be able to make any progress. If someone points out your fault, you should be grateful to him from the bottom of your heart. Although it is difficult for us to accept criticism, if you are willing to talk about you, it means that you are responsible for you. The stricter the requirements, the greater your progress. Be grateful to your superiors or colleagues who have been strict with you, and this will set you apart from others. On the other hand, if it is an irresponsible environment where everyone is living a comfortable life and just passing by, then they may be comfortable at the time, but when they find another job after a year or a few years, they will find that they have not made progress and are not competitive. , then you can realize that the leaders or colleagues who are willing to correct you are not embarrassing you, but helping you, and those who indulge you are not good for you, but harm you, because time is gone forever. 2. Can't calm down, so lofty goals Now people stay in each company for less and less time. The previous generation often said that one job will be done for a lifetime, or decades, or ten or eight years. Now, with the rise of the age group, a company does a job for a lifetime. 2 years is a long time, more than 5 years is very rare, we will find that people are becoming more and more impatient. There must be such people around you, or acquaintances, or friends. Every company has a good starting point, but if you go in for a while, you will feel lonely, unable to calm down to accumulate and settle, and are always changing jobs and preparing to change jobs. Wandering on the road. They may feel that they are underappreciated and have no room to play, but they change jobs too frequently, which means that they lack determination and lack of judgment in selection.
After working so long, why are you the only one who is still standing still?
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James Good

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