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Md Rifat
Jun 16, 2022
In Beauty Forum
Similarly, in the process of each project, you will be painful and uncomfortable at the beginning. After the team is established, the resources are in place, and the job function email list mechanism is clarified, each subsequent delivery and acceptance will be more confident. job function email list If we have to say what the key elements are, it is definitely not only determined by the product or R&D, but by the common decision and execution of the entire project team. Teacher Wang Junyu made an analogy: Sometimes a business is like a fast-rising elevator. In the elevator, some people are standing quietly, some job function email list people are standing upside down, some people are running in circles, and finally when the elevator reaches the top floor, everyone thinks that what they do is the most important thing to get the job function email list elevator up. reason. But in fact we all know that is not the case. So how much power can product managers play in this process? Can be big or small. It is good for you to win this vote with enthusiasm and to provide customers with thoughtful and personal service; but if you are more attentive and selfish, And focus on longer-term interests, you can also leverage job function email list this fulcrum to open up more opportunities. Why not do it? Columnist Strong big sister, WeChat job function email list public account: Strong big sister (ID: is_strong), everyone is a product manager columnist. Tencent senior product manager, focusing on To B service project management and industry analysis, welcome to discuss with heroes from all walks of life. This article was originally published on Everyone is a Product Manager. Reproduction is prohibited without permission The title image is from Unsplash, based on the CC0 protocol
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Md Rifat

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